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Fifteen women who had complained about Barlow testified at the arbitration hearing. in a store where she worked, purchased alcoholic beverages for A. The district court denied the city's motion and confirmed the arbitrator's decision. The arbitrator found some claims to be stale but made findings of fact as to other claims, including the following:• on two or three occasions in 1990, Barlow followed 19-year-old P. home from her school in his squad car without a valid reason for doing so;• in 1990, Barlow, while in uniform, visited 20-year-old A. ISSUEDespite finding that a terminated municipal police officer had engaged in a pattern of offensive and predatory conduct toward women for over ten years, an arbitrator awarded to the officer reinstatement of his law enforcement employment. at 2183, and therefore we need not show deference to the district court's conclusion. To be applicable, the public policy exception must involve a policy that iswell defined and dominant, and is to be ascertained by reference to the laws and legal precedents and not from general considerations of supposed public interests. W.2d 639, 642 (Minn.1984) (reviewing court not bound by and need not give deference to district court's decision on purely legal issue). at 2183 (citation and quotation marks omitted), quoted in State, Office of State Auditor v.

The county attorney declined to prosecute any of the complaints from the women who called in response to the police chief's request, explaining that “a large portion of these activities are beyond the seven year statute of limitations period.”After Barlow's acquittal, Brooklyn Center conducted an internal investigation of Barlow's conduct. In view of the general rule that arbitration awards within the arbitrator's power are to be upheld on appeal, does the “public policy exception” to that rule require the vacation of the award? ANALYSIS While acknowledging that an award that is within an arbitrator's power is ordinarily to be upheld on appeal, Brooklyn Center, and amici curiae Battered Women's Legal Advocacy Project et al., Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association, and League of Minnesota Cities, argue that the “public policy exception” to the general rule regarding arbitration awards requires that this award be vacated. 1 (2000), classifies as a misdemeanor acts of gazing or peeping into someone's home with the intent to interfere with an occupant's privacy. For instance, administrative rules governing the licensing of peace officers allow for disciplinary action-including revocation of a license-against licensees who “engag[e] in sexual harassment, as defined by Minnesota Statutes, section 363.01, subdivision 41.” Minn.

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